Back blogging… from Mumbrella 360

I’ve just touched down in Sydney and am excited to say that I’ll be attending the Mumbrella360 conference over the next couple of days. The conference brings together some of the greatest minds in marketing, media and entertainment from around Australia and I can’t wait to get stuck in.



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Puma “Run Navi”

This new app from Puma was launched recently in Japan to help promote the launch of a new running shoe by the brand. On the face of it, this app could look like a late effort to go up against the hugely successful Nike+ app that was launched way back in 2006, or dismissed as just another fitness tracker app clogging up the App Store.

But the guys at Puma are smarter than that.

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2013 Cannes Lions Review

Here’s one if the best wraps of the recent 2013 Cannes Festival of Creativity that I’ve been able to find online. This slide deck is from Digital Buzz Blog (a must-read website for anyone interested in digital marketing) and covers off on all the highlights from the biggest advertising award show on Earth.

So, if you’re stuck and in need of some inspiration, check out these slides for the greatest ideas the world’s best advertising minds have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.


Give Your Calories

Give Your Calories is an app I came across that is a great case study in user-focussed, interactive and shareable marketing. What’s even better is that the initiative is from the non-profit sector and breaks the mould of the ways charities typically go about gaining donations. Here’s a few key reasons why I think Give Your Calories is on its way to being a huge digital marketing success:

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Volkswagen #Polowers

When Twitter features your campaign as a case study you know you’re doing something right.

Volkswagen’s #Polowers is straight out of the top-drawer of social media campaigns. Where so often brands chase meaningless interaction via their social channels, campaigns like this one go the extra mile to engage online audiences.

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