4 Benefits of Marketing via Social Media

By now anyone who has even the most basic understanding of marketing realises that social media is becoming THE medium for marketing campaigns. All over the world people are logging in to connect with friends but are also regularly interacting with their favourite brands. Social media’s applications for businesses achieving their marketing outcomes centres around its incredible brand building capability, and the world’s largest companies are now allocating greater proportions of their marketing spend to nailing down the best online social media marketing strategies. Let’s look at the specific reasons why social media is becoming the new go-to platform for campaign execution:

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Social Media Marketing: the New SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of altering websites in order to push them further towards the top of search engine result lists. Being at or near the top of a result list from a search engine like Google means your website is highly visible to online consumers. This is a huge goal of businesses when looking to increase their online presence and attract new markets from online channels. More and more consumers are looking online as part of the purchase process to research product alternatives. Currently, businesses from a range of segments are responding to this shift and using SEO to increase their web presence as a core element of overall marketing strategy.

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