Mumbrella360 – Day 2 Wrap

I was grateful for the later start this morning – I felt like I’d been hit by a bus when I collapsed into bed last night.

In a caffeine-induced buzz I got into the morning’s keynote session and strapped myself in for what proved to be another bloody brilliant day at Mumbrella360. Just like yesterday, Day 2 was jam-packed full of awesome speakers, great ideas and razor sharp insights. Here are five of the more memorable moments from Day 2 of Mumbrella360:

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Give Your Calories

Give Your Calories is an app I came across that is a great case study in user-focussed, interactive and shareable marketing. What’s even better is that the initiative is from the non-profit sector and breaks the mould of the ways charities typically go about gaining donations. Here’s a few key reasons why I think Give Your Calories is on its way to being a huge digital marketing success:

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for two screens

Two-screening is an emerging behaviour of TV audiences that is a head-scratcher for creatives producing TV campaigns. The ‘second screen’ refers to the device that you use other than the TV, while you watch TV. Think your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer that you start using as soon as an ad break starts. This creates a simple problem for agencies and brands creating TV spots – what do you need to put in an ad to pull people’s attention back to the TV to communicate your message?

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Mobile Marketing

This week at I will be researching, blogging and tweeting on the developing industry of mobile commerce. With the rise and rise of smartphone use over the last five or so years (led by the release of the Apple iPhone) mobile marketing is perhaps the biggest growth area of online business with huge immediate potential. Mobiles are already rivalling desktop computers as the preferred tool for internet usage, and it is expected that by 2015 the mobile web will have almost 2 billion users. The challenge is for advertisers and marketers to capitalise on this near exponential growth in popularity, and make use of a smartphone’s capability as an interactive marketing communications tool in the pockets of millions of consumers.

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