I scream, you scream, we all scream for two screens

Two-screening is an emerging behaviour of TV audiences that is a head-scratcher for creatives producing TV campaigns. The ‘second screen’ refers to the device that you use other than the TV, while you watch TV. Think your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer that you start using as soon as an ad break starts. This creates a simple problem for agencies and brands creating TV spots – what do you need to put in an ad to pull people’s attention back to the TV to communicate your message?

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Augmented Reality – digital’s next big thing

Augmented Reality, or AR, is an exciting technology that is set to become the next big thing in interactive digital marketing. The concept of AR has been around for a while but recent technological advances have enabled it to become more widely used as an interactive communications component of branded campaigns. This post will briefly introduce what the AR technology is, how it is being integrated into marketing campaigns and a few examples of campaigns that have effectively utilised the technology.

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The First Followers: generating momentum with a social media strategy

Social media is fast becoming a core element of marketing communications strategy. Particularly in the B2C space, brands are continuing to invest in integrating sophisticated social and digital channels into their campaigns to encourage consumer engagement.

But there are many organisations out there that are still reluctant to use social media as part of the marketing mix. The late-adopters of social media often perceive it as being too risky to send their brands out into the digital space, too costly to dedicate resources to or too overwhelming to know where to start.

Here are a few tips to help marketers who are busy trying to establish social media as a priority with your client or business:

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Red Bull and the Baumgartner Bandwagon

This week Red Bull cemented its position as the most impressive content creating brand of the last decade. Over time Red Bull has built one of the most recognisable brands of today by harnessing risk, strategically investing in booming sponsorship opportunities and pursuing content marketing with unmatched ambition.

Red Bull Stratos was really a natural extension of Red Bull’s superior branding and content marketing strategy. This is an incredible truth – how many brands out there that can establish credible links between their brand values and a fully-funded quasi-space mission?!? Here’s a quick exploration of the philosophy behind Red Bull’s astounding content marketing strategies that you’d do well to replicate in your own business.

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6 Things Advertisers Can Learn From ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’

Sure, the majority of the 15 million people who have bought How to Win Friends and Influence People since its first publication in 1936 have read it to improve their relationship-building skills. But I’d venture to say that How to Win Friends and Influence People was one of the best marketing books I’ve ever read. Here is a shortlist of 6 truths that can relate to creatives, planners and account managers in the advertising industry that I took away from reading Dale Carnegie’s world renowned self-help classic.

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