Snack brands that have advertised their way to success

Here are four examples of snacking brands that have been able to turn around declining market shares by cleverly re-positioning themselves in their categories. Each of these campaigns have won awards recently and are examples of gutsy ad messaging built off the back of great consumer insight.

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Private-label products driving FMCG’s into the ground

Talk to a marketing manager of an FMCG brand and you’re likely to hear that times are tough. As I explored briefly in my previous post, the Australian supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths are continually driving down the profit margins of their suppliers due to their significant buying power in the duopolistic grocery market. But beyond the supermarkets’ significant buying power, FMCG brands need to cope with the added pressure of private labels. Private label brands are those that are self-owned, self-managed and self-stocked by retailers. In the Australian grocery market, two examples are the Coles-owned ‘You’ll love Coles’ brand and the Woolworths-owned ‘Woolworths Select’ brand.  As I’ll explain the increasing prevalence of these private label brands is putting the hurt on FMCG marketers, big-time.

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