I’m an advertising suit currently working at Cummins&Partners Melbourne. I’m passionate about building brands and I enjoy the challenge of implementing strategies that creatively link my clients’ brands to their consumers.

I work with brands that you probably would know – whether it be the beer you drink, the car you drive or even what you spread on your toast in the morning.

I started this blog during uni as an outlet to share the latest and greatest ideas I come across from the sharpest minds in marketing, advertising and digital media. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them and, more importantly, I hope that you get some insights from what I share that are applicable to you, your business or your clients.

So far the response to my blog has been absolutely amazing and I have really appreciated all the feedback. You can leave me a message via the Contact page and follow me on social media.

Thanks for stopping by!


“For it is with the advertising man as it is with the cow: no browsing, no milk” – James Webb Young