Volkswagen #Polowers

When Twitter features your campaign as a case study you know you’re doing something right.

Volkswagen’s #Polowers is straight out of the top-drawer of social media campaigns. Where so often brands chase meaningless interaction via their social channels, campaigns like this one go the extra mile to engage online audiences.

Brought to you by DDB Spain the premise of this campaign was pretty simple: give yourself a shot at winning a car by tweeting your way to the top. This campaign had plenty of opportunity to fall into the common traps of social media marketing. Sure it was a way of soliciting tweets to generate Twitter buzz, but the execution of the #Polowers campaign was what made it stand out from the pack. Not only did VW provide its #Polowers the chance to win something in return for their tweets, but the cool little narrative and sense of brand community gave the audience enough in return to get the campaign the traction it needed.

The mechanics of the campaign are simple and pretty plain to see, but what VW achieved strategically was the real win here. First, VW created buzz in the short-term around their new Polo vehicle. This undoubtedly had benefits from a retail perspective in driving direct sales enquiries and generating footfall through dealerships. Second was the way that #Polowers built the VW brand and positioned VW as a pioneer in the social space. You need to go fishing where the fish are, and by jumping onto Twitter VW was able to directly communicate with the desired demographic for the Polo.

It’s very rare to combine both retail and brand building messages effectively via advertising. Creating a campaign that hits both brand and retail objectives is absolute utopia – it’s great to see examples like this emerging in digital media.



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