Snack brands that have advertised their way to success

Here are four examples of snacking brands that have been able to turn around declining market shares by cleverly re-positioning themselves in their categories. Each of these campaigns have won awards recently and are examples of gutsy ad messaging built off the back of great consumer insight.

‘Thinking Outside the Chocolate Box’ – Cadbury Favourites

The main goal of this campaign was to increase the purchase frequency of Cadbury Favourites and re-position the brand as a casual but quality alternative. The Favourites’ product had been overtaken by competitors that were similarly priced but perceived as more ‘luxurious’ by the target market. Further, chocolate boxes were seen as a ‘special occasion’ purchase and only being bought a few times a year.

To cut-down consumer preference for ‘fancy’ and bring the purchase of boxed chocolates back into the mainstream, Cadbury Favourites created the “what to bring when you’re told not to bring a thing” messaging. The tagline centred on dialling down the fluff and was designed to cement Favourites as the staple chocolatey treat for when you didn’t need luxurious chocolates to impress someone – like during those more casual or family occasions.

Check out the case study
View the spot

‘Old-fashioned to on-trend’ – Carnation Evaporated Milk

With the market was demanding ‘fresh’ dairy products, Carnation was finding it difficult to sell its milk in a can. One of the biggest challenges was Carnation milk’s lingering perception of being an old-school product. Essentially the task was to get Carnation out from the back of Nanna’s pantry and into the cupboards of a younger new segment of the market.

There was a truth to the Carnation brand that was decidedly ‘on-trend’ and relevant to the desired new segment of the market: Carnation has a ‘creamy taste and texture with less fat than cream’. So what followed was a campaign to encourage consumers to substitute Carnation in the place of higher fat cream when cooking. In so doing consumers could enjoy the same creamy dishes they had always loved but without the guilt.

So what were the results of the campaign?

  • 12% increase in sales during the campaign period
  • 2.9% increase in brand penetration within the younger target audience
  • 9% increase in front-of-mind awareness of the Carnation brand within the younger target audience
  • Check out the case study

    View the spot

    ‘Tummy Loving Care’ – Danone Activia

    Activia is one of the major challenger brands in the chilled Yoghurt and dessert market in the UK. The snack brand’s core proposition has always been the solution to the problem of bloating, however this positioning only had limited appeal and relevance to its target market. As a result the brand started to leak sales and lose its hard-earned market share.

    To try and turn around the decline, Activia developed a bold new brand platform to communicate a more holistic benefit: feeling better inside and out. The campaign to reframe the brand proposition was called Tummy Loving Care (T.L.C) and centred on the maintenance of ‘happy tummies’. So instead of being the brand that could solve the one particular problem of bloating, Activia became the solution to its consumers’ overall well-being.

    The T.L.C campaign launched in time for New Year and pitched as a key component of New Year’s resolutions all across the UK. The campaign messaging encouraged consumers to take care of their wellness from the inside-out. TLC made Activia the market leader in the UK, delivering £58.6 million incremental sales, £3.6 million incremental net profit and a ROI of £1:£1.23. The campaign won a Silver IPA effectiveness award in the UK in 2012.

    View the spot

    ‘The Daily Twist’ – Oreo

    Oreo’s Daily Twist was a purely Facebook-based campaign and was the brand’s celebration of its 100th birthday. The purpose of the campaign was to take Oreo’s old brand and make it relevant to today.

    To do this Oreo posted 100 different content posts (one post per day of the campaign) to its Facebook page to be shared across the brand’s social media channels. Each post covered a particular news item of the day, from the USA’s performance in the Olympics to the anniversary of Elvis’ birthday. The creative got loads of airtime in the media, particularly around its ‘Pride’ post in support of the gay community. All of the campaign’s content was highly shareable and featured the brand’s iconic product to retell the story of the day. The campaign got people talking and has been industry-acclaimed, notably being shortlisted for an Effie in the USA. Check out a video summary of the campaign.



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