Superbowl Ad Wrap

As a marketer and huge sports fan, it doesn’t get much better than Superbowl Sunday. It’s cool to see the world’s attention turn to great advertising and this year was no different. And for the record I tipped the Ravens by a field goal.

Here’s my wrap of just some of the ads of Superbowl XLVII (47):

Doritos: “Goat 4 Sale”

Hot: Funny and unusual enough to stick in our minds. No shortage of product at 0.08 either!

Not: That beard…

Verdict: Loved it, great instalment in the fan-generated ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ campaign. TOUCHDOWN


Budweiser: “Brotherhood”

Hot: Simply a great story about a Budweiser icon. The Twitter foal naming is a cool point of engagement

Not: According to YouTube comments, this had most of the audience in tears.

Verdict: Powerful use of a brand icon to weave a great story. TOUCHDOWN

E-Trade: “Baby”

Hot: Clear and simple messaging. Also: ‘Professional stunts. Do not attempt’ – gold

Not: Blatant “scare ’em to snare ’em” strategy that just doesn’t fly anymore. Also not sure about taking lifestyle advice from a baby.

Verdict: Chuckie gets a chuckle but this really isn’t a great ad – I’d hate to be the guy tring to justify the investment. TURNOVER

Mercedes-Benz: “Soul”

Hot: This one nails big time advertising: celebrity cameos, appealing to ambition and plenty of product. All these elements tie-in to the prestigious values of Mercedes-Benz.

Not: ‘Coming in September 2013’ – that’s a long time to sustain the conversation.

Verdict: Love it, certainly an ad that Merc will look back on more fondly than their other attempt…. TOUCHDOWN

Mercedes-Benz: “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion”

Hot: Kate Upton.

Not: Even though they are pitching an affordable car, tacky advertising like this goes against all the prestigious brand values that Mercedes-Benz has been generating since 1901. They paid for the ‘it’ girl who could offer much more to Merc than a video title that gets men’s attention on YouTube.

Verdict: If Merc were trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator, they’ve certainly achieved it. TURNOVER

Bud Light: “Journey”

Hot: Very relevant to the Super Bowl, with strong links to the game. Another story that captures my attention and Stevie Wonder’s cameo is cool.

Not: Maybe it’s a little too bohemian for a beer brand?

Verdict: Great contextual advertising for a contextual product. TOUCHDOWN


VW: “Get In. Get Happy.”

Hot: This ad made me feel happy. It was also the ad that generated the most pre-game hype from what I could see.

Not: Happiness is a pretty broad emotion to tie a brand to – there are lots of ways people can feel happy without paying for your car. I don’t want to buy a Beetle after watching this (but then again, I’d never want to buy a Beetle).

Verdict: This one was a bit ‘whatever’ for me. Sure it’s kinda funny but that’s about it. TURNOVER

Go Daddy: “Bar Rafaeli’s Big Kiss!”

Hot: The ‘sexy’ side and ‘smart’ side is memorable. Instills hope in the hearts of all the Walters out there.

Not: Seems to be a bit too gratuitous. And it’s just so so so awkward!

Verdict: I think that the Go Daddy girls work but this is stretching it a little. TURNOVER

Coca-Cola: “Chase”

Hot: I was really entertained by this! The site to decide which of the characters won was a great way to drive online engagement.

Not: The ad was partially overshadowed by racism accusations. Also, it didn’t take long for Pepsi to come up with a comeback.

Verdict: Great ad. I can’t see how Coke overstepped the mark and Pepsi needs to learn to doff its cap to a great ad and blaze its own trails. TOUCHDOWN

So there it is, my wrap of this year’s Super Bowl ads. Let me know what you think and if you want to vote for your own favourite Super Bowl ad, head over to Ad Scrimmage. I voted for Mercedes-Benz’ “Soul”.



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