Market Challengers that Make Waves

Number 2 is becoming the new number 1 for challenger brands, especially in the Australian marketing landscape. Underdog brands are those that have a smaller market share than market leaders, but often are better positioned to chip away at the market and win customers. Challengers often make fewer sales than their market-leading rivals, but bigger ≠ better when it comes to branding and competitive positioning in the market. When compared to heavier-hitting market leaders, small brands are often:

  • More willing to take risks with IMC as they have less to lose and more to gain
  • More agile than overly ‘safe’ market leaders who reactively defend market share through conservative rules around marketing initiatives
  • More used to being innovative and thinking differently in order engage and captivate consumers

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Driving Brand Engagement Downstream – Part 2

Following on from the last article, here I’ll explore 3 examples of consumer brands in the sports market that have been able to nail their brand engagement strategies. All of them have the same issue; the bulk of their sales are made through retailers, while only a small percentage of sales are made via direct consumer contact. Each brand has innovatively introduced strategies to augment their core value offering to include extras that link their consumers back to the brand.

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