Mobile Marketing

This week at I will be researching, blogging and tweeting on the developing industry of mobile commerce. With the rise and rise of smartphone use over the last five or so years (led by the release of the Apple iPhone) mobile marketing is perhaps the biggest growth area of online business with huge immediate potential. Mobiles are already rivalling desktop computers as the preferred tool for internet usage, and it is expected that by 2015 the mobile web will have almost 2 billion users. The challenge is for advertisers and marketers to capitalise on this near exponential growth in popularity, and make use of a smartphone’s capability as an interactive marketing communications tool in the pockets of millions of consumers.

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Marketing from the Inside-Out

“You can’t polish a turd”. It’s probably one of the least glamorous terms in marketing but contains an undeniable truth. No matter how slick your marketing is, if your business’ product lacks real consumer value you will always be trekking uphill to turn in a profit. Whenever I look at a marketing problem for a business, I always first check to see if there are any operational areas of improvement that can be quickly fixed. Often fixing up problems like stock control, organisational efficiency and internal systems can lead to greater benefit than any actual consumer-facing marketing initiatives. I call this marketing from the inside-out, which simply means ensuring that your internal business conditions live up to your external marketing messages. Without a strong internal environment and integrity within your business, consumers and critics will soon find you out. I’ve touched on this concept before in my ‘Mission-led Marketing’ article, but let’s look a little deeper.

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