Social Media Marketing: the New SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of altering websites in order to push them further towards the top of search engine result lists. Being at or near the top of a result list from a search engine like Google means your website is highly visible to online consumers. This is a huge goal of businesses when looking to increase their online presence and attract new markets from online channels. More and more consumers are looking online as part of the purchase process to research product alternatives. Currently, businesses from a range of segments are responding to this shift and using SEO to increase their web presence as a core element of overall marketing strategy.

Businesses all over the world are paying out millions to web design professionals that specialise in SEO by altering websites and making them more visible to search engines. SEO typically involves editing web content to include keywords that are the most common terms entered into search engines. When you search a term on Google, Google will instantaneously use complex algorithms to pour through the web and return a list of results that are most relevant to your search terms. SEO is about optimising your website’s ability to show up in these searches and trigger the search engine algorithms. In doing so, your website is pushed up the result list and the likelihood of your target market clicking through to your website is greatly increased. This can have huge payoffs as consumers can easily be exposed to your products via your website and new consumer channels can be identified.

But what happens when the rules of the game change? Recently I’ve heard online marketing experts indicate that they are expecting Google to change its existing search algorithms from the current SEO parameters and instead rank search results based on a website’s social media traffic. Doing social media marketing well has been the major focus of marketing professionals and the core of modern marketing strategy over the last few years, but looks to be on the verge of another major change. Now, instead of just optimising your website through SEO, to maintain your accessibility to consumers online you may now need to have an effective social media platform that generates traffic to push your site up that Google result list.

Social media marketing is already a huge area of marketing in the 21st century, but the SEO implications may set a new standard in effective online marketing strategy. Even if the Google algorithms don’t change in the near future, investing in social media is becoming a must in engaging and maintaining relationships with consumers. If you can do this well, you will be well on your way to online marketing success.

If social media marketing is the next step for your business and you’re unsure about how to set about making your mark online, I’d encourage you to stay tuned! In the next couple of weeks I’ll be releasing an eBook which I’ve written to give you an easy to understand and easy to implement framework for getting online in the social media space. I’m sure it will help you get a basic understanding as either a business or general user, and also provide you with step-by-step instructions to get you up and running on five of the key social media platforms.



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