4 Benefits of Marketing via Social Media

By now anyone who has even the most basic understanding of marketing realises that social media is becoming THE medium for marketing campaigns. All over the world people are logging in to connect with friends but are also regularly interacting with their favourite brands. Social media’s applications for businesses achieving their marketing outcomes centres around its incredible brand building capability, and the world’s largest companies are now allocating greater proportions of their marketing spend to nailing down the best online social media marketing strategies. Let’s look at the specific reasons why social media is becoming the new go-to platform for campaign execution:

1. Reach

Perhaps the main drawcard of social media is its virtually unlimited reach. Social media use has grown significantly over the last decade or so, and now approximately 1 of every 13 people in the world have a Facebook account. Companies can cheaply send content out into the social media world have it bounced around the internet by users commenting, sharing, ‘liking’ and recommending the content to their connections. As a business you simply can’t buy this type of reach and exposure from any other medium and that doesn’t take into account the extra value you receive from users not just passively seeing the content but also actively interacting with your brand.

2. Marketing Opportunity

Due to social media websites like Facebook being primarily an online social application, people share valuable information about themselves that can be used for specifically targeted marketing initiatives. Online advertising is a huge growth area of brand promotion, and skilled social media advertisers can drill down on specific targets within the overall market to an impressive amount of detail. This means that there is a much greater likelihood that your advertisements are reaching the segments of consumers that are most likely to act upon the message, maximising campaign effectiveness and minimising the waste from a more general ‘shotgun’ approach available through other traditional marketing media.

3. Referral Capacity

Particularly for applications like LinkedIn and Facebook, social media offers a great platform for cultivating referral networks. By strategically building up contacts and followers into an online network, in delivering valuable and meaningful content you can create an army of online brand advocates that will drive your marketing effort further. Social media is the new word-of-mouth, and the old truth remains that consumers will trust their friends more than your marketing effort regardless of how slick and edgy it is. It is therefore essential that you approach social media marketing with a deliberate strategy and interact with consumers by providing meaningful and valuable content in a bid to convert them into favourable online opinion leaders for your brand.

4. Communication Effectiveness

I led this post off with an infographic I came across that is a great representation of how social media content can spread like wildfire. On social media sites you have instantaneous access to a virtually exponential audience. Nowhere else is there real-time content publication like via social media, and the implications of tracking and measuring market interaction are huge. Integrating social media within the marketing landscape of your brand can hugely enhance your positioning with your target consumers. With an effective and intentional social media strategy, everything you publish about your brand can be bounced around the web and communicated to the largest audience available in the world.



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